• Airbus Industries A340-212 •

• For XP 10.42+ and 9.70 •

EIS 1 Panel with PVI

For use with South African Airlines livery. The Conviasa version has no PVI.

This is only a section of the panel. It is equipped with a PVI (see below) and a different arrangement of the standby instruments and ECAM switches, but no DCDUs.

Para Visual Indicator (PVI)

Now the integrated AUTO LAND announciator is lit during the auto land phase.

Real foto XP screenshot

Something unique, and a novum for x-plane®, is the functionable Para Visual Indicator (PVI). This instrument is mounted on the glareshield in front of the captain's seat, and allows takeoff at visibility down to 75m (125m without PVI). In fact, during certification, the test pilot managed to control the aircraft savely during normal takeoff, takeoff after engine failure, and acceleration/stop maneuvres with no outside vision at all (screened). The co-pilot, who could see outside, had to bring the aircraft off course and hand it over to the pilot for course correction.

Although the PVI basically works like an ILS indicator, the gain is a lot higher and more precise.

Above: The white square moving to the right side indicates the pilot has to apply right rudder (NWS).

Below: The white square is centered, as is the aircraft.

For more information see A340 EIS 1 panel!